My background and absolute passion in life is beauty and cosmetics. My life's career has been in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Over the last 6 years I have been lucky enough to lead working with scientists and laboratories to create cosmetic formulas which have been sold in hundreds of high street retailers in the U.K. and Target U.S.A (proud moment alert).

My personal obsession with silk started when I started researching why I could never grow my hair beyond a certain length before it got brittle, dry and then snapped. I decided to invest in my hair and skin, not just in terms of products (I was already a fully diagnosed product junkie by then) but in terms of lifestyle and how I treated my hair and skin. It made perfect sense, our head and face spend more time on our pillow than on anything else.

My first silk pillowcase was an absolute game changer for my hair, at first! I loved how the coolness of the silk on my face helped a restful sleep and my hair and skin seemed less dry. Life really did seem a little better in the mornings and who doesn't need that. Am I right?

After a few washes my new dream pillowcase was looking very sorry for itself and quite frankly looked a little out of place on my nice, fresh bed. Then followed the persuit of the perfect silk pillowcase... and Straight Faced was born. 100% pure silk, 25 momme (yep that's important and is a measure of quality and durability), no toxic dyes (yep that's certified), great value and easy to care for, silk products.

If you too are a beauty or sleep enthusiast, I'm sure you're going to fall in love with our silk products that really do tick all the boxes when making an investment in silk. Stalk us on our socials and join in the chat about all things silk <3